Natural and Plush Woven Seagrass Tote Belly Basket for Storage, Laundry, Picnic, Plant Pot Cover, and Beach Bag

  • Natural Seagrass
  • Handmade: Harvested From 100% Sustainably Grown Seagrass: Each Basket Is Unique, And Handwoven By Local Artisans In The Southeast Tropics. Please allow for slight imperfections. Shape is not perfectly circular. The plush variation (with interwoven wildwood fibres) is particular soft and flexible but yet still strong. It may not stand upright by itself when empty.
  • Convertible: Use The Baskets With The Handles Out Or Folded Down As Bowl Style Baskets.
  • Available Colors: Natural, Aquamarine Wildwood Fibre + Natural Weave, White Wildwood Fibre + Natural Weave, Black Wildwood Fibre + Natural Weave. The "plush" variation contains interweaved wildwood fibres that are soft and flexible.
  • Multipurpose: Decorative, Creative Storage, Picnic, Grocery Baskets, Beach Bag, Plant Pot Covers, Laundry, Toy Organizer, etc
  • Dimensions: Available Small Medium and Large Sizes. SMALL: Centre Diameter 29cm / 11.5 inches, Height 27cm / 10.5 inches, MEDIUM: Centre Diameter 32cm / 13 inches, Height 32cm / 13 inches. LARGE: Centre Diameter 45cm / 18 inches, Height 35cm / 14 inches. Note ** The basket opening tapers inwards and is substantially smaller (UP TO 4 INCHES SMALLER) than the given centre dimensions. If in doubt order a size up.

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