10 Housewarming Party Favors That you Should Give Now

10 Housewarming Party Favors That you Should Give Now

In today's generation, many people still host a housewarming celebration. Throwing this kind of activity enables a household to formally introduce the members of the family with their officemates, classmates, friends, and relatives. 

In addition, they can tour the guests in their house and welcome them into their lives. 

Apart from preparing food and drinks during parties, we also prepare little favors for our guests. These gifts would make them remember that they have been a part of your life even in a short period of time. 

Here at OctoTreasure, we have compiled the Top 10 Housewarming Party Favors that you should give now to your guests. Check this out! 

12 Pcs Tillandsia Air Plant Lot

Give an eco-friendly housewarming party favor to your guest such as this Tillandsia Air Plant Lot by Aura Creations. 

These plants require low maintenance and you can put it in pots or jars. In addition, the plants can be put indoors or outdoors. It can help purify the air in your room and make it welcoming. Grab this product now and give life to your guests! 

100% Cotton Luxury Hotel & Spa Towel 

Give your guests this Luxury Hotel and Spa Towel after your housewarming activity. They can use this in their home or at their work. 

This towel is available in various colors such as gray, navy blue, and violet. The towels are thick and soft and it is made of 100% Turkish cotton. 

You can wrap the towels in gift wrappers or just tie it with a ribbon with a 'Thank you!' card. 

Chloe Elizabeth Food Safe Biodegradable Paper Candy Favor & Treat Bags

Make every housewarming fun and exciting! Give some popcorn to your guests and put it in a nice popcorn bag such as this one!

This Chloe Elizabeth Food Safe Biodegradable Paper Candy Favor & Treat Bags are available in 48 pieces. It is biodegradable, food safe, and recyclable. In addition, it is available in various colors which are gold, aqua, silver, white, pink, and others. 

You can add a personal note or a letter of gratitude to your guests to make it special. Aside from popcorn, you can also add chips, candies, or any delights you wanted to share. Thus, try this one now! 

Fireplace Color Cones

Another superb housewarming party favor is the Fireplace Color Cones. This product is available in 1 pound to 5 pounds refill bag. 

The color cones can also change its colors once tossed into the fireplace. It is made in the United States and of high-quality. 

You can grab this product and include a personal note on it to put some personal touch on it! 

Party Essentials Hard Plastic Two Piece 4-Ounce Champagne Glasses

You can also create your own Housewarming Party favors through the use of champagne glasses! Be creative and unleash the inner artist in you. 

This Party Essentials Hard Plastic can help you relay whatever message of gratitude you would like to express to your guests. 

You can paint these glasses, decorate it with stickers, or put some ribbons on it. Think outside the box and use your artistic side to make these glasses classy and fashionable! 

Painted Mason Jar Bathroom Set of 5 | SEAGLASS 

This Painted Mason Jar Set adds the perfect rustic charm to your bathroom.

These could be a great gift idea for housewarming to anyone to use all year round.

It's shabby chic style at it's best! Check it out now!

Sisters Picture Frame/ Aqua Color

This product will make a lovely addition to your home decor. These also make great gifts!

Each frame is hand painted with several coats of chalk paint. It is then lightly distressed. Lettering is cut in vinyl. Finally, the frame is embellished with a burlap rosette.

The frame measures approximately 8" x 8". Frame opening is 3.7" x 3.7". Your favorite 4" x 6" picture can be easily cut to fit. Thus, check this Sisters Picture Frame/ Aqua Color now!

Mixed Ocean Beach Fairy Garden Seashells Marine Life for Arts & Crafts

A beautiful assortment of various sized shells ranging from conchs to teeny tiny micro shells that compliment any design scheme with its warm neutral orange, pinks, brown and grey color tones.

Fill your favorite beach buckets and beach toys even during housewarming activities! Spread a few tiny starfish and seashells with grains of beach sand in a fish tank.  

These beach shells range in sizes from 0.5" to 3.5". The shell types include moon shells, nassa shells, and tiny volutes varieties.

The package dimensions are 7.8 x 3.7 x 3.1 inches and weigh about 1.33 pounds.

Bracken Fern Watercolor Home Decor Plastic 7.5 x 10.5 Small Wall Signs

A perfect wall decoration prints signs for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and in any part of your house.

It is made of original contemporary watercolor art small print signs for you. This product is shipped from Utah.

Surprise your guest now with this modern home decor!

20 Pack Handmade Paper Folding Fans Bamboo 

These elegant Paper Folding Fans Bamboo are fantastic favors for your guests! 

This bamboo fan folding measures 8.26 x 1.06 inches and opens up to 15.3 inches. This product is small and exquisite that can be put into bags.

Besides, you can paint them, draw or paint, or stain on them!. Add your own creative kinds of stuff on them.

White fans create a romantic look that makes for a wonderful wedding and bohemian home decor. Thus, grab one now!


In sum, these are the 10 wonderful housewarming favors that you can try now. The most important thing is to be creative as you can be to make it unique and at the same time precious. Finally, give the gifts with sincerity as if you are talking to someone you love. 

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